The biggest problem with Bleeding Edge

  • First, I loved the game. The art, feeling of the soundtrack, the characters. But I need to ask, why auto aim? That is terrible! I believe that this mechanic will totally ruin the game. Maybe an assistance, just like we have in Sunset Overdrive? The game is frantic and fast, but it quickly becomes tedious, when you find yourself in a duel between GIZMO vs GIZMO for example. Nobody misses their shots !!!!!!! So seriously, why auto aim?

  • Before playing the beta, I would have agreed with you. My background with games consists of mostly shooters. Stuff along the lines of Quake, Halo, Paladins, Dirty Bomb, Enemy Territory, and Insurgency. The only other game I have ever played that has a similar lock-on mechanic happens to be one of my favorites; an old Xbox original called Phantom Dust. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough of a skill gap between one player to the next due to auto aiming, and I also worried the combat would quickly feel stale and redundant. Thankfully that wasn't the case for me. I think the current system has its own personality and I'm enjoying it. That said, I wouldn't complain about certain abilities getting adjusted to some sort of 'skillshot' with free aiming in the future.

    It's a nice change of pace. I'm happy with it.

  • I disagree with the OP. The auto aim can actually be a detriment to PC players, since it focuses on the midsection and you can hit the limbs of your opponent as they dive into cover.

  • @GAS-v-Jaiminho negative...u also have other skills
    bomb u have to aim. u have turrents.its things tat can show the skill gap even with same guys that has a auto lock