Evades need a change

  • The evading to me feels too strong; it allows characters the ability to leave a team fight too easily and really makes the team fights feel weightless as it felt I was never really killing anyone, just getting them low enough to get them to flee.

    I think that this could be fixed if the way you got an evade back worked a little differently. If the evades only charged back up after being out of combat for a certain amount of time, then I think it would feel a lot more fair, as being able to use the evade mid fight, then as a method of fleeing is my main problem with it. It would encourage more strategic use of the mechanic, whilst balancing it out a bit more and making the team fights feel a bit more weighted.

    I also wouldn't mind if health worked in the same way, with a passive health regen happening when out of combat for a certain amount of time, nothing too big but enough to tide you over in case you're ambushed whilst waiting for a healer