Beta Feedback!

  • Alright, first off I want to say I put in 24+ hours into the beta. I enjoyed it a lot but also had a mix of feelings as it concluded.

    1. Power Cell collection game mode seems to be too slow and boring. The game mode gets campy and after a while it’s clear that once a team has a substantial lead they’ll just hunt down for kills as only one delivery objective pops up. Possibly a good counter for this is fusing delivery and collection phases together more organically to help keep the flow up? Or randomly placing objectives around for delivery.

    2 Parrying felt super underused. In fact, I think I only executed it once throughout the whole beta.... by accident. I don’t know if it’s due to the speed of the game or just being an online game. Felt very out of the combat mix though.

    1. Mods are alittle OP to be honest... I get it though, enhancing your characters for your playstyle is what’s intended but it felt like certain mods were the only route to take on certain characters. Take Maeve for example. If you used her “exploits”mod, you dealt 20% damage after an enemy is trapped, stunned or frozen. So it didn’t have to be her trap to deal even more damage since other characters have stuns, traps etc. to work with. I think some of these might get a nerf but I also thought another option would be to add a plus+/minus- for each mod. So sure, you want increased duration on this trap but it’ll deal 5% less damage after words or something like that...

    2. This point also had to do with mods somewhat but more so if there’s a ranked playlist. If there will be comp, I strongly recommend base characters being the focus without mods... they just change the landscape so much. And maybe an eventual pick and ban system implemented?...

    3. Ranged characters seem to be alittle agile for my liking as well lol.... gizmo can be places outside of my jump range but shoot me with 0 danger unless I go all the way around and climb up or play daemon. Not really fun.

    4. Ive read some other post saying double healer and doubler DPS wins usually as tanks are useless... I somewhat agree here. The counters for this can be tricky to find out but it definitely got annoying some
      Games with people leaving on my team.

    5. I just want to say super thank you to whoever thought to implement a button mapping option. I play on Xbox and claw with the controller. I couldn’t evade with RT that well or I would waste my dashes too fast so I switched X with RT and I’ve been getting a lot better.

    Final statement:

    I played for hours all 3 days. I completely enjoyed myself and I hope some changes come along but either way. I’ll be back on March 13th and for the full release March 24th. Lastly, new modes please ? And thanks NinjaTheory for giving gamers like myself something new to play. A nice spice up. Until next time.

    • D2niceforu