Hoverboards, Team Pings + Other Beta Feedback

  • Hi there!

    I put 7-8 hours into the beta and had a lot of fun. The character animations are great, unlocking Mods is a smart idea, and the maps are well-designed (though I hate the aesthetic of the sewer map).

    However, there were a few issues I encountered:

    1. The hoverboards aren't fast enough. Moving on them doesn't feel significantly faster than just running around.

    2. You shouldn't be able to hit players once they've been knocked down. I've been caught in endless loops of trying to parry or escape and not being allowed to recover from a knock down.

    3. Gizmo's T-bots are too weak and pose no threat to opponents. Even with mods (and there's only one that raises their attack power by 10%), seeing them guarding an objective isn't threatening because they hardly do any damage. It'd be nice to be able to upgrade them, for them to be more powerful in general, and for them to not disappear after a certain amount of time.

    4. The boards aren't enticing enough. Aside from the dragon one, most look bland and dirty, and none are character-exclusive. If you want players to work towards something other than the dragon, there have to be creative and attractive designs out there. The trails are MUCH better.

    5. Make team pings more noticeable. As of now they're muted on the side of the screen, making is easy to miss them if you aren't looking for them. Some extra effects or more prominence could fix this. If you're worried about players spamming them, there could be a cooldown on each to combat that.

    That said, I think the inclusion of pings is brilliant.

    6. Accolades after each game disappear too quickly (e.g. "Most Healed"). If you could give each a couple seconds on-screen that'd be great!

    Overall I really liked it, but it just needs a few tweaks to be something I keep coming back to months later. Thanks for reading!