Train and missles hard to avoid.

  • These enviromental hazards should be extrememly easy to avoid. The train needs a warning system so you are aware its coming. Train could move slower. Tracks change color to indicate trains coming. The missles could be less of them when they shoot. Cover less area. Move slower as well.

  • I think it's perfect the way it is. Sure there isn't a alarm when the trains start rolling around but seriously it's the players fault for not noticing the the up and down arrows on the track when the gates open, plus it makes a great comeback when fighting in a 4v4. Just pay more attention to the environment

  • @ll-Sen-ll Agreed. The game makes it more than apparent and the trains feel fantastic to corner someone up to if you know what you're doing. Conversely its also incredibly hilarious when you see the unaware get slammed and killed lol.

  • The way enviromentals work is perfect. They affect the way fight goes. You can also push enemies into them pretty easy if they are out of position.

    They do give enough clues to show that they will happen. For example, the train, clue #1- the doors to the area open. clue #2- the arrows on the rails start flashing.