tier list/strongest and weakest characters

  • Gizmo deserves to be A minimum. She’s the only true sustained ranged dps which constant consistent damage puts a huge strain on the healers, especially Zerocool because his beam weakens over time.

    She has zoning potential with turrets, displacement and minor interruption with sucka, verticality with bouncer, and an ult that puts out AoE % damage.

  • @HammerxOfxLight

    She is definitely THE BEST at outputting damage IMO. But I think it's down to how much you let her.

    Examples just to show sheer difference in output:


    In Example 3 you can see how key Makutu was to my success (despite the fact we lost though haha). He made himself a target, disrupted their team and absorbed the majority of their damage whilst I was able to damage with free reign essentially.

    Again I think it comes down to how much impact characters can have situationally. If you have a Makutu doing that job for you, then you're going to be doing lots of good work. If the enemy team focuses you and stops you from getting into positions to attack freely, then you are pretty much a burden to your team because you offer very little else.

    In fact, it felt like playing Gizmo for an extended period helped me learn which characters were easier to focus and take down quicker than other. Gizmo was definitely one of the easiest to take down. Likewise if I was facing a competent El Bastardo or Daemon jumping on me, I quickly realised how little I was contributing to my team. I think, for me, that's why she is just under A Tier but marginally.

    Her mod for getting a speed boost after using the Bouncer is a must for sure and helps her re-position and get out of sticky situations more consistently. I like using it aggressively as well so it has variation.

    Strong point RE reducing the impact on Zerocool's healing beam though. It does have a noticeable effect. Again that's only if you let her for a considerable period I guess.

  • @x-AmberPrice

    i kinda disagree with your elbastardo placement. he is probs the character i played the most during the beta, and i found him to be quite strong.

    he was the only character i was able to 1v4 with, (dont have the clip). i went in, used empower wich hit all 4 of them, then used death spiral wich they all were standing and letting me farm them with, then i used overlaod ult. and yea basically destroyed all 4 of them. at least thats how i remember it going. i may have had a zero cool come in and heal me around the end of that fight though.

    anyways yea i think hes pretty powerfull. earlier you mentioned him mobility issue, wich i dont think is an issue. i find him more mobile than most, leap of faith can allow him to chase down enemies up above things aswell as in distance. you mentioned gizmo vs el bastardo earlier and said

    "You Leap onto a Gizmo and all she has to do is evade backwards and you've got to either waste your evades to chase her or just sponge damage without producing shields whilst walking in treacle to get back into melee range."

    i believe when gizmo starts shooting she slows down so it becomes easy to catch up to her. either way though, to kill someone like gizmo or anyone (this is how i do it) rather than diving in on them, i will run in on them or hoverboard in on them, combo them once, knock them back then use leap of faith, (or you could just dash and combo again then use it next. sometimes its better to save it for when she uses bounce pad), combo them again, and if they get away dash them and death spiral them then combo them again. that should fuck them up. i dont think i ever had an issue 1v1ing gizmo as elbastardo. person i had the most issues with as elbastardo was probs cass, but cass is not so good against everyone else.

    this is usually how i would initiate fights as elbastardo so i wouldnt waste the leap of faith. i would only use leap of faith to guarentee peoples deaths. unless theres like 3 of us and 1 of them, cause we are most likely gonna kill them on initiation.

    i feel like el bastardo deserves at least B teir, i think he is better than makutu, even though makutu could probs 1v1 him.

  • Not enough Cass love IMO. A really good Cass player will dominate both fights and the map 🙂

  • The prob with Makutu is he's the least threatening/most easily ignored character in the game. Sure, he's survivable (as all the tanks are), but that just means you save him for last. His hits are too slow/weak, so he never taxes your team's healing. His charge, while fun, is mostly just a nuisance, and Buttercup gets it for free without using up an ability. Repel could easily be the worst ability in the game, it does nothing, outside of extremely specific out-of-bounds kills. Heal's nice for himself, but is counter-intuitive as a team ability, since it has a tiny range on a melee character. Ball ULT is funny, but barely does damage. His Shoryuken is tons of fun though -- only it doesn't work on other tanks.

    -Buttercup is just as survivable, while putting out an insane amount of pressure and area control. She's vastly superior at peeling, initiating, and killing runners. Pull makes her extremely dangerous in team fights.

    -Bastardo has far more pressure/damage and can stick to targets like a fly on poop.

    IMO Makutu would be a better pick if his heal had a larger default radius, and repel became attract (AOE vortex pull). Also imagine if his uppercut could lift other tanks into the air (but not stun/stagger them).

  • I would like to notice that Makutu's Leg It is broken.

    The ability is supposed to give allies and him, when activated by Y button, a bonus speed that is being applied only to allies at the moment, and not to him.

    You can try it in the Dojo by yourself, removing the cooldown in the options and trying to apply it while running.

    I love the character, would like to see it fixed, but I don't see the devs saying anything about it, and it's already reported. Although, the ability never worked as expected.

  • In my opinion they need to nerf maeve, or at very least her cage ability. A suggestion that I think would be a good balance is to have the cage spawn an emblem on the player it is going to effect and wait 1 second to drop so the player can evade if they act quickly. There is currently a way to evade in game if you happen to luckily use an evade at the same exact time maeve is dropping her cage. I think a bigger window for evading the cage would be a good balance to the character.

  • @AmazingVector I like it! I think I've learned that different characters ranks change depending on game mode and map. Gonna post about it a little later!

  • I read all the posts, I play Makutu only, he is a easy target, once enemy focus on him, he die in 1s...he is too big and too slow, tiny punch from the huge body, how come!!! Never get away from fight.

    Other characters all special and good, if you learn to play, but I really hate Maeves, seem to be the OP character in the game....I also thought there are too many shooting characters in this game...

  • Maeve is the most overpowered character ever in a game like this. Buttercup is only slightly behind. They make every single other character absolutely trivial with how someone with even a passing knowledge of the dynamics of a game can absolutely dominate with them. It's funny, there are probably people who only main these two characters and have no idea that they are doing so much more damage than anyone else, for trivial effort, while having every manner to escape or elude combat if they're targeted. No other character has it even 10% as easy.

    The rest of the tiers? Who cares? As long as your team has Buttercup and Maeve unless you royally screw things up you're going to win 99% of the time.