Maeve has too much power in drain and cage combo

  • She does too much damage with a 2 ability combo. Especially with resets. I’m not asking for nerfs but some of that power needs moved out of the pretty easy to hit 1-2 and moved into basics.

  • @HammerxOfxLight I agree. I think that it needs to be a skill shot because of it being such a complete lock down or make he passive just reduce CDs by X amount of seconds. As cass I have to wait for her cage to drop to engage her because she will take me from 100-30% before I can even lay a finger on her then if she gets a kill on a team member she just resets on me and I’m nuked because as cass mobility is so important because of your 600hp. Something needs tweaked.

  • I dont think its that powerfull. She is a damage dealer after all, she is supposed to deal a ton of damage.

    for example, with daemon I can take half of cass hp with his normal attack combo and one ability. Then I can go invisible, put her to sleep and finish her off in one more combo.

    The problen here is that people dont know how to focus...for some reason 60% of the games i play my dps companions always focus the tank...makes no sense.
    if they focus the dps they go down really fast.

    In one game I caugh maeve with a combo of Makutu, and my dps finished off in just one combo.

  • @AiZeNxQT I only really played one melee low hp hero over the weekend aside from Miko and it was Cass. Playing her vs Maeve is what really opened my eyes to the problem. If Cass is hurt Maeve will hover for the free reset. The dodge window for cage is really small too. Even if I was able to dodge it I couldn’t stick around because one drain still puts you in dangerous territory for Cass. It’s not worth it to play Cass vs her. Several times on Maeve I was banging out triple kill team wipe resets. It was crazy. Watch a nidhogger focus healer or Ride the Lightning a whole team was like “Well GG on this fight”. Toil and Trouble cage drain cage drain cage drain cage drain.

  • @PedrQ007 daemon fights are far more dynamic as cass though. There is depth to the engagement. It becomes a fight and that’s great. I’ve had good 1v1s against daemon. There is literally no variation when you engage Maeve. It is literally just cage-siphon-AA. My only option is to call her cage with a high tail then break the siphon with LoS then swoop and start nuking. Maeve is gonna be meta JUST because of her cage. I’m calling the meta to be (Buttercup-Mike-Maeve-daemon/nidhogg) unless something changes. That being said cass is absolutely my main so idc about the meta choices.

  • @HammerxOfxLight I think I’m ok with maeve’s kit even though it is frustrating to play against as cass, which is 100% who I’m going to main. I got to lvl 13 with her over the weekend. I maybe less dmg/more healing on siphon? Maybe give cage a kit box and allow us to break out?

  • @AiZeNxQT I thought a good choice was to buff her basic attack and nerf the drain cage combo. That was she actually has to fight some. I had several fights where she would cage drain, then basic till the enemy got close then vanish and by that time cage drain was back up. It feels so oppressive and cheap

  • So you're gonna argue about maeve but not argue about cass and how her ult hits all characters at once, and she can spam her fucking bird wings (her b or whatever) to attack from a distance? That's dumb. Maeve is completely balanced. If you nerf her cage, which is like 1 second, then she's not even a character. If you nerf her life steal then that's the same thing, she has nothing going for her except her auto attack. Yet daemon can auto attack for days and deal twice the damage as maeve. I don't understand your complaint. This is coming from a maeve main with 15 hours on her.

  • @Notsojoker7881 dude you are crying about an ult you can dodge when Maeve has a fucking spirit bomb that can nuke whole teams and just for icing on the cake if it’s targeting you when she pops it your getting hit regardless. Cass “bird wings” which is her basic attack is what keep her from getting nuked in the middle of a fight, it has the lowest range of any ranged basic. The fact that you are a Maeve main would explain why you so salty about her being criticized and instead of coming up with an informed argument you just say “BUH BUH BUT, CASS’S ULT BRO” first off your cage basically negates that ult and you can use your invis to escape so if your getting smacked around by that AoE it’s your own fault. I’m talking about the simple fact that Maeve has absolutely no all. You cage-siphon-aa and invis when you get in trouble. She is literally the most boring character to play against.

  • @AiZeNxQT wasn't even talking about maeves ult but its fine. Cass is way more op than maeve. Ps. I love the fact your main argument is cage siphoning even knowing that the invis is on a 10 second cooldown with a 2 second invis, which i mean, if you dont follow her, you're bad in general. And that the cage is like a 1 second cage. You're literally dumb kid. Maeve isn't op. Cass and el bastard is.

  • @Notsojoker7881 Well the thread is about Maeve not Cass but you’re right, blade dance is too strong. But at least you gotta play her and not cage drain invis cage drain reset cage drain invis .

    I’m not saying I want her nerfed, they just need to move power around in her kit so that she is less annoying and oppressive.

    I played all heroes extensively this weekend and she was probably one of the safest characters with some of the highest dps I played. I had several no death games over 15k damage too. Resets galore in a few matches. To be fair I was in 4 mans all weekend.

    She felt broken to play with and against.

  • @Notsojoker7881 I realize you weren’t talking about maeves ult. I’m talking about it and about how strong it has been in the beta. Is bladestoem strong? Sure but I wouldn’t even roll bladestoem if her other ult wasn’t complete dog shit and I’ve seen team after team lose Maeve on her 2 second invis. It’s not like the normal situation will be her alone. She pops invis in a team fight then you have a whole other team to focus on while she reset and gets the kill then her ENTIRE KIT resets. Explain to my cass is so op? I’ll wait. She has 0 cc outside of her divebomb ult and her auto attack is no strong then any other damage dealer. Her biggest strengths are mobility and the ability to do consistent damage at any range. The fact is it is far easier to be good with Maeve then it is to do well with cass.

  • @Notsojoker7881 you also have yet to give us an argument to the idea she is nothing but a button character. Just pointed out that you think cass is op because of 1 ability.

  • I think Maeve is so overpowered it kind of feels cynical. Like Ninja Theory is doing it on purpose for a laugh. She has everything: high damage, drain, trivial to use CC, and an easy and frequently used escape. It's like they sat down and asked themselves: how can we make the most over powered character in the history of arena games? And then never fix the character, just act like it's normal?

  • Then counter her. Numerous abilities are capable of stopping her Life Siphon. Also practice evading her Cage. It's super tricky I know but it's doable and will screw up her ability to finish you off. She relies heavily on Cage. If nothing else, gang up on her. She is a glass cannon so giving her a beating to force her to Vanish, keep up with her and she'll die easy. Done.

  • @MisfitBanjax

    No, players shouldn't go out of their way to counter stupidly overpowered characters. Just fix them. It's this kind of insanely stupid thinking that leads to these problems in the first place.

  • @CheekHugger She can be countered, she's not stupidly OP Strong af yeah but not OP. Learn to counter them, that's how these games work.

  • I play soloQ way to much, but that being said Maeve can be irritating but she's a classic glass cannon. Have a team member with a counter to her keep her in check and honestly Toil is really not that good. Dodge it. If you get caged and toiled, sure you'll eat it but frankly Peek A Brew has more setups and utility. He mobility is kind of garbage.

    Maeve is really only powerful in a match if you let her be.

  • @I-WORSTPLAYER-I the game doesn't work that way. No game does. The character is insanely OP and no one is going to figure out how to combat it nor should they. Give me a break.

  • @MisfitBanjax said in Maeve has too much power in drain and cage combo:

    Numerous abilities are capable of stopping her Life Siphon. Also practice evading her Cage. It's super tricky I know but it's doable and will screw up her ability to finish you off. She relies heavily on Cage. If nothing else, gang up on her. She is a glass cannon so giving her a beating to force her to Vanish, keep up with her and she'll die easy. Done.

    @CheekHugger Literally just clued you in to how to counter her here.

    It really is like @I-WORSTPLAYER-I said, she is really only powerful in a match if you let her be.

    Right now you are just making yourself sound like you're not willing to put in any effort. It's a team game, players are expected to figure out how to beat the enemy AS A TEAM.