Balence, suggestions and bugs

  • Daemon needs a a time limit to his stealth

    Cass needs her attack speed lowered

    Buttercups slow is way too much maybe if the movement wasn't already slow it wouldn't be a big deal but since that's not the case personally I would take the slow out completely and make the character slide since is an oil slick

    Hoverboards should be an instant spawn

    I'm having trouble locking on with mele characters

    Parry doesn't seem to work properly I would rather have a block than a party

    And on Xbox text chat at the end of a match isn't working the qwerty pops up then closes

    Map hazards are to powerful and should never spawn on an objective

    That's pretty much all I have for right now

  • @SNAKEP1T Daemon does a have time limit stealth. I don't know the actual time on how much he goes into stealth. The only reason he doesn't come out of stealth is because he has a specific mod that let's him use stealth without a time limit anymore.

    The Xbox chat does need to be fixed, I had the same problem when I was trying to use it on Xbox.

    I see nothing wrong with hazards, like what I mentioned from another post I think it's perfect to keep them the way they are. Huge game changer when it comes to a 4v4 and pretty funny if you can knock some one down on the tracks while the train is coming or when the missiles launching