Game Mode - Power Collection

  • The Power Collection game mode is currently set up so terribly. I dread every single time I get this mode instead of control point. Currently everybody either plays team deathmatch style (yes, this is a beta so its a bit to be expected people are just trying to have fun beating each others' asses) or collection where they run around the map all game long never fighting with Cass. If Cass wants to run away all day and not die, she does. This ruins the game for both teams because then her team is left 3v4 to fight and losses every fight, and the team attempting to catch the power collector can never catch them because they don't want to be caught (again this is the worst with Cass as she automatically speeds, has super jumps, mobility skills, etc.).

    This isn't the only problem with this mode however - often times there just aren't any team fights because of the way the game practically makes you split up and collect cells. I'm assuming the premise of this is supposed to be a team-fight based ability combat arena fighting game. Similar to Overwatch/Paladins but not FPS more brawl (I'm not comparing and contrasting). From experience of those games when it comes to something like this - the game is MUCH more enjoyable when you get a team fight going and you have to co-ordinate well as a team to focus targets and protect your team mates from incoming attacks (peeling). This game mode does the exact opposite of create team fights - it makes you run around for 2 minute doing nothing to meet for POSSIBLY one team fight when the capture phase starts, which most people with cells refuse to fight anyways and they continue running around the map until they get a chance to ninja cap. This is stale, god awful boring gameplay. I really like this game too, I've been playing it all weekend i currently have 10 hours locked in. So please don't just take this as a hate complaint. I want to see the game mode improved upon or replaced though because I think in its current state it takes away from the game. I play with 3 of my friends and they all agree they don't like this mode and every time we queue we pray for control point.

    My THIRD and final point as of now against this mode is that TOO many power cells spawn. You spend so much time gathering and not enough time actually fighting people. I would suggest instead of these groups of 4 make just 1 power cell per "group"(its a singular) and just make it tankier (more HP!). Currently the 4 power cells benefits people with aoe abilities much more as well which IMO is unfair that someone can do OBJECTIVES faster. I play El Bastardo and I clear out every((all 4) power cell in 2 seconds where as people sit there for 10 seconds smacking away at them. Also create less spawns on these cells because sometimes there's 4 sometimes there's 5 or 6. If there were let's say 3 of a singular cell and the max score was 10 (at this point kills would have to not give you a point) people would contest them much more frequently and you'd be inclined to fight for them rather than running around for other power cells. The thing is IN MY OPINION you want to get to the action as fast as possible in a game like this. Thank you I apologize that this is really long and not separated into sections per point.

    TL;DR - Power Collection mode is boring and stale, you don't spend enough time fighting. Find a way to make people team fight more often and run around less doing nothing.