Balance Problems and Personal Suggestions

  • I'm sure we've all noticed the huge balancing issues with this game. Things from abilities to game mechanics just don't work right or are broken.


    He is able to stay invisible indefinitely dishing out high damage out of stealth as well as stealing kills with this mechanic. He is a pain to deal with even in a 1v1. He is one of if not the most broken character.


    Níd seems to be one of the most honest characters in the game. No complaints


    She is able to dish out damage and the escape while stealing health. Chasing her is useless as anyone who can't cover a large amount of ground in a short amount of time.


    Her high mobility compliments her low health pool but her damage is on a whole different level. She is able to rush in with her 5 hit melee combo use hightail and then her darts and then rush you again.


    She seems to be in a good place as a support. Maybe a little increase to the cooldown of Chain Heal.


    I personally don't really have any complaints other than personal annoyance

    -Zero Cool

    No real problem. Healing is high but he is easy to take out if done correctly. But maybe a little bar to represent the level of his heal beam

    -El Bastardo

    Probably on of the more broken characters in terms of survivability. His over shields allow him to survive for way too long. He is able to rush in with Leap of Faith, proceed to death spiral, and the use empower vice versa. This gives him way too much shield and that's not including and basic attacks you might throw in. A nerf to his passive or health would balance him out more or a health nerf.


    No real complaints just annoying


    I have no problems with Makutu. His Ora stance might have a little too much healing but nothing really wrong in my opinion.

    -Ranged Characters as a whole

    The auto aiming on the ranged characters is a bit of a problem for this game. When fighting another melee character they are able to just sit in the back holing down 1 button basically out of harms way not having to aim what so ever in a game that is majorly based around melee.

    -The game feels really slow

    I know I am not the only one who thinks the movement of the game is extremely slow paced due to the characters low base movement speed. Maybe remove the hover boards and add some unique character sprinting options or just regular sprinting.

    That's all I have.

  • @Mac-Daddy7877

    Personally, I have no problem with taking Daemon in a 1v1. It may just be that I one trick Nid, and he seems a good counter to Daemon.

  • @Mac-Daddy7877 if you remove the hover boards then might as well make it OW 2.0 and downsize some of the maps

  • @t0xic-j311yfish I agree with that. But his kit works well going against Daemon

  • @ll-Sen-ll I didn't really think about that. That's why I suggested some sort of sprinting. I just don't find myself or my team using them all that much