El Bastardo nerf?

  • After playing this game for a few hours base I must say El Bastardo is too strong for what his role is supposed to be.

    He is labeled as a tank, which fair enough, but the rate at which his shield is built up plus his base damage output makes any fight against him a direct loss unless it's the whole team smacking him, which is basically impossible since the enemy team is assisting him.

    This is ofc just my own experience, but the way his self-shield builds makes him as good as invincible. The damage he does is too high for a tank, he's closer to a DPS right now.

    I would suggest one of the following nerfs (NOT ALL OF THEM):

    1:Lower his base dmg output to make him less DPS

    2: Lower his speed so that he can't catch people as easily

    3: Lower the ammount of shield he gains per strike to make it possible to reliably chip away at his health.

    Do share thoughts and opinions down below.

  • The Developers have the stats from the Beta but my first impressions are he's fine.
    I regularly abuse Bastardo players as Cass and she has the lowest health pool in the game.
    Unless my Team is full of Lone Rangers not playing the objectives and not sticking together. Then it doesn't matter if I'm Bastardo myself... I get smashed.
    When his Team is supporting him and playing well your Team needs to be supporting each other and playing well.
    Play him more and become proficient in his strengths and then when you play against him exploiting his weaknesses is much easier.