Daemons shadow strike is some what useless

  • The fact that a super that does damage in a aoe can’t even be used. It does no damage and can be walked out of by any one. Now granted it gives you immunity and can be combined with other supers but in a normal situation it can be out healed. I don’t know if it’s just me that is bugged by this but I want to know your opinion about his super and hope that maybe It can be buffed or tweaked

  • It's probably the most useful ability to have on daemon, the moment u activate it you become immortal and deal out tons of damage to anyone standing in the radius or you can use it while cornered and being juggled (you're just getting smacked around. if you're tryna run away because you're the last alive it really helps when the enemy has to back away from you which allows you to shift strike away then activate stealth, tbh quite op in my opinion

  • @Darth-Charon Definitely siding on the fact it is actually very useful, just perhaps in different ways than you're expecting.

    Like most Supers, it also has great synergy potential. Combo it with Nidhoggr's Ride The Lightning and you've got a team immobilised in the same radius as your Shadow Strike!

    I think a lot of people, myself included when I first played in the Alpha, thought that Supers would be hugely game-changing similar to how Overwatch's ultimates work for example. They still can be, just in different ways. From my experience so far, aside from the synergy potential, it has been something that has got me out of trouble a lot of the time. In the case of Shadow Strike, it has been the final tick of damage that I needed to kill a target hoarding a bunch of cells. It has also been the saviour when I've hoarded a bunch of cells and needed to protect myself. It can be a great CC in objective control as well, to temporarily regain or withhold a point as the radius covers the whole point.

  • @Darth-Charon if I remember right it strikes a certain number of time for percentage hp damage correct?

    It works really well against single target and melts tanks. Sleep them then ult right in middle so they take most of the damage try to retreat

  • @Darth-Charon of course not lol you have a healer healing that player. So that's your first problem not taking out the healer. Nidhoggrs guitar solo stun super is the most perfect way to combine with Daemons shadow strike and of course you just need use the correct mods to increase the damage.
    Just by using the Super with out inspecting the situation is a bad move

  • @Darth-Charon That ult deals flat damage divided amongst the enemies in the area. So if the entire enemy team is in the area each will recieve small damage. If one enemey is in area they will recieve the full amount of damage.