Healing Should Never Outright Trump Damage

  • I can't count how many times we would have 2 dps hitting every full combo on someone, only to have a ZeroCool or Kulev simply heal them to full. The stamina system is there to provide you with your own ability to turn a fight around. It becomes pointless when all you need is one heal to turn a fight with no stamina. The damage ratios can be so-so, but it's nothing compared to the healing ratios. Fun game though.

  • You just have to target the Healers before even bothering in another fight (that will also last for ages because of how many weird unvuln and self heal abilities there are)

  • Yes they should, that's the point of healers. If you couldn't stop someone from dying with your heals, healing would be pointless. As a damage, you need to Target the healer first. Once you cut off the enemies healing, they'll either die, or have to run away from the OBJ to avoid death.

  • Yeah target the healers because that is the role of a healer, they heal players