Player gratification

  • This is a bit of a sweeping statement, but i feel there's not enough gamer gratification. From the C currency being added to the player bank with no sound effect (a bling bling bling wouldn't go amiss) to the unceremonious unlock of mods. I feel the success feedback feels mute. I know things are happening in the background and unlocks are being completed, but I feel like I have to sike myself up for this instead of the game willing me on.

  • @net3reak I do agree that there is a general lack of incentive currently. All of the cosmetics so far are awesome, as are the potential for mods. I'm sure the Skins coming soon will be awesome as well. But the only way to earn all of this currently is a game. Yes, you can earn a tiny bit more through kills, game length, wins etc. But the foundation of earning the currency and mod parts is by simply playing a game, then playing a game, then playing another game, etc.

    There are also profile and character specific levels. Which you gain experience by once again...playing games.

    I have 3 suggestions:

    I'd love it if a few cosmetics were locked behind quests. E.g. Play 25 matches as Nidhoggr. Get 100 killing blows as Gizmo. Win an objective control game with a 500 score difference. Along those lines.

    I'd also like it if the profile and character levels were generally more visible in-game. Perhaps having your profile level at the start screen of a match next to/instead of your gamer pic. Perhaps having your character level visible next to your name above your character as you play.

    Finally, I think it would be cool if the profile and character levels rewarded something unique to just mod parts. E.g. For every 10 profile levels you gain a better border around your gamerpic at the start screen of a game. For every 10 character levels you...uh, ran out of creative ideas, but you get the point 🙂

    Just feel like the current incentive to grind could do with a bit of VARIETY - the current cosmetic and mod parts are awesome though.

  • I feel like the currency will have more weight once skins are revealed. I feel like the rate you accrue currency is balanced around features we haven't seen, so I'm willing to keep things as they are moving into Beta 2. Though I do agree, not being able to see the skins is a big blow to player satisfaction if you find the gameplay offputting.