Just Some General Feedback and Ideas

  • After playing this game for a few hours, I have to say that I love it. It was a pleasant surprise with a unique game play loop that hooked me in and now I want little more than to see it grow. These are some things i'd like to put forward as ideas for possible improvements. These are only my ideas so if you disagree or have other suggestions i'm open to suggestions. I hope the devs are considerate of our feedback and continue their hard work to make this game as good as it can be.

    •Game feels quiet and barren in between fights. Might be nice to add some fitting music to serve as a backdrop.

    • One complaint I've heard a lot is that the game feels sluggish. I would recommend that characters be made faster, both while walking and while mounted, in order to make the game feel faster and more fluid. Some abilities might need to be adjusted in order to fit up with new speeds. Jumping could also use a bit of smoothing out as well.

    • Probably just a console issue but one issue I've had is an inability to change my button layout. Changing the button layout messes with the communication wheel and makes it impossible to change most abilities around.

    • Again this is possibly just a console issue or maybe a connection issue but one issue I've found is that movement on enemy and allies looks very jittery. Every movement they make seems like i'm lagging for a millisecond.

    • I feel like the ability augments in the load outs should all be unlocked immediately as it could leave newer players possibly weaker than more experienced players based simply on the fact that they cannot access the same strengths or load outs as other players. I believe that fighter leveling could still be used in some aspect such as maybe cosmetic or something but i don"t think it should effect in game power.

    • Some of the effects visuals are a bit distracting or messy. I believe tuning down the visual clutter would help players process the fight more easily.

    • I like the maps we have currently as far as map design goes, however I feel like they are a bit bare as far as visuals go. Perhaps a bit of unique map geometry or some slight differences in how each side is laid out could lead to more unique battles. So long as one side does not get a clear map based advantage, then this could help the maps feel more unique.

    • This one is pretty simple, i'd like more fighters, maps, and game modes to play with. this is one they are working on anyways but it is an important part of keeping the game fresh.

    • This one is a bit nit picky but the final play screen seems redundant as often times it doesn't show anything happening, like a person turning in power cells alone at the other end of the map. Maybe instead they should move towards an Overwatch style POTG system in order to actually show meaningful and impactful action from another point in the match where something big actually happened. This same thing goes for highlights as they go by to fast for them to even mean anything

    .• Probably my final point for now but I think if latency and responsiveness are tightened up it would feel a lot better.

    Sorry for the long post but I see a lot of potential in this diamond in the rough. I believe it just needs to make some changes if it wants to really find a space in the gaming community.