Balance and some other fixes

  • This mainly is for these certain characters. Maeve and Buttercup both need to be tweaked or nerfed in some aspects. As somebody who has played many different Mobas, For Honor, Overwatch, and Paladins, Maeve's design doesn't make much sense. She's supposed to be a ranged dps character who has the potential to also have big burst. However, she has two different forms of self peel for herself and a better fiddlesticks life drain which is only on a 8 second cooldown and you can move with it. That and her cage almost has zero counterplay to it. There is no form of escaping from it which I get why due to this game being very mobility focused and the such. However, you being put into a cage for 3 seconds without any way to move or escape from it is not very fun or interactive on both ends. That and it can't miss, which is pretty absurd.
    Buttercup is pretty balanced but, I just want to say that her cc potential is way too high in comparison to the other tanks in the game. She has a charge, slow, knockback, and a knockdown. Which would be fine but, she does too much damage while being the tankiest character in the game.
    The game is really fun though but, some server fixes and adding penalties for people who leave mid-game would make it even more fun.

  • I agree with you, these two characters in damage's aspect are the most needed to nerf. I hate it when I get caged by Maeve.