Feedback: Remove 60 fps cap on PC

  • Why is this a thing?

    Fortnite and Call of Duty do not lock FPS for crossplay on PC, even Switch 30 fps can play with 140 PC fps in Fortnite.

    There's really no advantage to gain in this game from locking PC FPS! There is even target lock in this game, any small "aim advantage" from smoother quality does not apply in this game. Please uncap FPS to improve the game quality for PC.

  • @duckjk i totally agree with you, i didn't realize it was capped, i played and used recommended settings. totally agree.

  • @duckjk Absolutely agree. I'm glad it runs at a baseline of 60, but lemme uncap it! It'll look better and help futureproof the game. Arbitrary caps are awful. If you gotta cap something at 30 on consoles because it looks better than an uncapped frame rate fluctuating between 30 and 55, that's understandable. But on PC you allow the user to define if they want a cap, and if they do, what cap they want.

    Also is it me or does this forum run TERRIBLY? It took almost a solid minute to load this reply box, and then it closed and I had to wait again. I don't think I've ever seen a forum perform that badly.

  • I can guarantee that you will not have any PC following if the frame rate isn’t unlocked. This is a big deal PC games. If you want a PC following, you will unlock the FPS for launch. Love the game, but won’t play if the FPS isn’t unlocked. I’m sorry, but it is just what I’m used to, and it was also why I have spent so much money on my rig. This is very important to the life of the pc community.

  • Absolutely. We already have cross-platform games that aren't framerate capped on PC, I will not be buying this game until I read confirmation that this has been removed.

  • @TETRIS229 are you doing something about the 60fps cap? On February 15, you suggested that this would change at launch? very nice feeling game, but 60fps on pc is going to drop off many players.

  • @sjaaksola6717
    Please BE make this a thing cause this game has already a stuggling start and the pandemic doesn't help.

  • @Votre-Daron what kind of thing should I make this? didn't get that

  • It will be coming soon as it's in demand. The reason given for the cap is "technical reasons" so I'd imagine it's definitely in the works and hasn't been disregarded for anything other than making sure the game is well optimised for up to 60fps first

  • +1 to this, please uncap FPS

  • I commented this on another thread.. "I think it was a big mistake releasing this game with a cap in place. A lot of people will probably buy it and instantly refund, or just never buy it at all, and most of them probably wont even look back to see if its updated because they have lost interest/moved on to the next thing.. I personally will not play the game locked at 60 fps. But, unlike others, i will be keeping an eye out for when you guys unlock it. Good luck, and please make an announcement when it is unlocked."

    I have already refunded the game, as nowhere did it say it was locked at 60 fps. Its miserable to play at 60, and i own a PC so i don't have to be locked like consoles are.

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  • @Sunny7409 said in Feedback: Remove 60 fps cap on PC:

    +1.Since bleeding edge wasn't a fps game,fps locked on pc won't gain any advantage for crossplay player.If u guys don't unlock 60 fps,u will lose more players from pc.For me,i use a 144hz monitor and 2080 super to play this game with 60 fps,the experience was terrible.Plz,unlock the fps limit