• I had a daemon low, he walks into fire, gets himself killed, and there's no credit for a kill. It could become an issue with people suiciding so as not to let the other team get kills.

  • @DryerBuckle3147 Yes, good suggestion. It's the same with a Kulev Bamboozle off the map or into the map environmentals. Makutu charging people into the same fate as well. It's probably quite a difficult thing to distinguish whether or not a player has intentionally jumped off the map or if they've been helped along the way but certainly in the two examples I've provided there should be clear room to award the kill as your own.

  • Agreed. Noticed this a few times.

  • Oh wow I never noticed this lol. I assumed i got the kill because they jump to their death or environmental deaths due to most games give you the kill. Great suggestion