Killer Instinct Guest Character

  • A game that ended up being a bit of a sleeper hit for me on the Xbox was Killer Instinct. It was a great Xbox exclusive that ended up having a couple guest characters (Arbiter from Halo; Raam from Gears; Rash from Battletoads). Its a bit of a fantasy of mine to see a character like Jago from KI added into Bleeding Edge, both great Xbox Exlcusive with one already having done a lot of crossover stuff.

    Just wanted to put that energy out there. I'm a big fan of both games and I think it would be cool of Ninja Theory to do. Plus Killer Instinct might actually get a launch title for the next Xbox, maybe KI would add a Bleeding Edge character to their game.

  • Ha! Yes. Make some crossovers with Xbox IP. Battletoads? Someone in a banjo costume? Make it happen. At least some skin homages.

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    Yeah, I don't think its unreasonable to hope for. I'd love it if it happened.

  • I think if they add a character from KI the character needs to have been mechanically augmented so I could see riptor as a character with a leap ability and an ability to grab someone with his mechanical tail and drag them for a few seconds. I could even see orchid working with with here grenades and electric batons and having a ultimate like hanzo where she sends out a giant tiger

  • @Capdevila13 Yeah, I actually thought Riptor would look really cool in the game I just think if they were to do this at all it would be Jago, Orchid, or Fulgore just because I kind of think of them as the main characters but I know that's not how others see it.

    In a way Fulgore would be a great fit because in the old games they had these fatality type of things and Fulgore would turn into a kind of tank thing. Also they released a 2nd variation of Fulgore like they did with Jago/Shadow Jago called Kilgore that had machine gun arms instead of fore arms with blades that could shoot out. I feel like the devs could have a lot more freedom with the Ultra Tech robot than other KI fighters even though I think I would prefer Jago or Orchid or Riptor like you suggested.

  • Dont get me wrong I think all the KI cast could fit into this game but the one thing all the bleeding edge characters have in common is that they all have been cyberneticly altered. Which is why only really riptor fits that bill since fulgore is all robot

  • This would be cool to see down the future of the game would love to see skins as well for this idea. I haven't played much Killer Instinct or just fighting games in general so idk what character would fit the lore scene

  • Its also a lot of fun to think about how a Bleeding Edge character like Deamon would look in Killer Instinct because they probably will return the favor.