Main menu Feedback (Visually though)

  • (Now I'm in no way Entitled to give detail Feedback to Developers that know what they're doing so it'll all be in the perspective of a Casual Customer)

    (Now that Being said I also want to add that I really love the style of Bleeding edge.)


    1. Presentation! When booting up the game I obviously had some sort of expectation like everyone else that it wasn't going to be AAA quality or anything close to it. Though even with that in mind I didn't find the main menu pleasing to look at or browse around. For Example when moving through the menu whether to pick Training, or Fight it's not very appealing. You should add more color or lights while browsing through each option in the menu. The Menu just seems way to simple in my opinion it should give you the message of what the game is and that's its Style,Fun, and Competitiveness and I just dont get those vibes in the main menu. I believe that everystep of the way before playing a match you should introduce the Gamer into this bleeding edge world you've built. All the way from the logo startups to the press A log in menu then onto the loading screen right before going into a match every single page or section In the menu should introduce us to the world but mainly characters of bleeding edge. I mean usually people take quick breaks from match to match so make that wait appealing. Now I dont really know how but maybe it could be and opportunity to tell me something about a character I didn't know about or more of the world of bleeding edge. Long story short make the menu appealing by heavily relaying on style and color of the game or the super awesome characters you've all created.
      Thank you for whoever reads this and of course have a Good day!