Buncha feedback.

  • Hi.


    • Camera is too far to the side, and too low.
    • Maybe move it closer to the character and up to about head height?


    • I noticed I can hold the middle mouse wheel to lock on to an opponent. The problem is I have to keep holding it throughout combat, there is no skill to my ability use. I think this is a controller kinda thing, but could be solved with a few things:
      1: Hold ability key to display where the ability is going to direct you.
      2: Character faces camera direction. (If you've played the new god of war, kinda like that, feel like it'd work well with this game.)

    Visuals are a bit messy:

    • Can't see characters very well in combat, might need to make them stand out a bit more.
    • The inking could be higher resolution (pretty much everything could be of higher resolution.) - on that, maybe it'd be best to have inking only on the characters? I noticed it in the environment, but there it didn't look as good as it does on the characters, so perhaps it'd be best just on them.
    • Environment looks faded out.
    • Abilities are a bit too "splashy" (basically, they take up too much screen-space when used)


    • Characters feel a little too slow (imo), maybe increase overall movement speed by a slight amount?

    Ranged attacks:

    • Cant rotate my characters while shooting? I get that it's using a lock on system, but I'd like to have more control over my character than that. (Maybe a 3rd person aiming system that using a soft-lock aiming system, or just good ol' extra large hit scans?)

    That is all.

  • @LiamWilson98 Agree.