Feedback/First Impressions/Desired Changes and Feautures

  • I've been looking forward to this game even though I wasn't too sure what to expect and overall I'm pretty happy with it, solid foundation with lots of potential. Overall I'm having a lot of fun, good work devs we appreciate your hard work! Now the rest of this post will be suggestions for improvement and things I'd like to see added or changed.

    So first, I'd love if if it were more obvious that you are locked on to someone and that it were easier to distinguish between locked on and not locked on. (Make the icon red when you're locked on perhaps?) And just in general I feel there is room for improvement with the UI, there's so much going on and I often find myself just not knowing wtf is going on so making it easier in some way to gauge what is happening would be nice.

    Next I love the team aspect of the game, working together and combo-ing abilities is super fun and satisfying, but what is not fun is playing solo and just getting absolutely dominated by 4 people playing together while your team of 4 solo queue players is off doing their own thing getting picked apart one by one, I'm not sure how matchmaking works right now but if it could put 4 stacks and 3 stacks against other 4 stacks and 3 stacks and fill out teams fairly like this it would be nice.

    Lastly just some thoughts on the balancing, this could be a product of me playing solo and these characters fit that chaotic style well but the Snake guy who's name I'm forgetting and Guitar guy who's name I am also forgetting just seem way way stronger than the rest of the cast.

    But as I said overall I'm having a great time! Excited to keep playing! ❤

  • @VioletEileen Nice post, I agree with a lot of this 🙂

    In regards to the lock-on being more clear, I definitely vouch for this as well. There's been a number of tweaks throughout the Alpha to the target system so I'm still under the impression that it's a work in progress.

    It's very difficult to quickly switch and distinguish who you're currently locked onto in the middle of a huge teamfight with abilities flying everywhere. I feel even a colour change wouldn't be sufficient as you've got the whole colour wheel on your screen in most cases.

    I also found the target system to generally feel quite inconsistent which is no different to how I felt in the Alpha. This a very farfetched comparison but it reminds me of switching players on Fifa. Sometimes, I simply don't switch targets to who I wanted to, and in the case of Bleeding Edge, that small window of having to re-target, or even wasting my ability on the initial wrong target, can lead to a death/loss/missed opportunity.

    I can definitely see that it's a difficult issue to solve - how would the game know which target I intended to land on? I don't expect it to be perfect, Fifa's targeting system certainly isn't. But there are some cases where I am blatantly facing an enemy that is right in front of me and right where my camera is facing, yet I'll lock onto the Buttercup in an entirely separate fight in the far right of my screen.

    If Devs happen to read this post, I have a few video examples I will put together in a separate thread at some point which will highlight what I mean a lot more.

    Rambled a bit off topic 🙂 In regards to fighter balancing, I think somewhere on here every fighter has been called overpowered or underpowered to some extent. I think player experience comes into that quite significantly. I don't think it's much to worry about just yet

  • how will i even take your words seriously when you dont even know characters names