Great potential but INSANE lag

  • Ok I am feeling very torn about this game during my very short time with it so far. I think the concept is great the characters are cool and it could be really really fun. The gameplay feels very unique and different from everything else out there which is great

    Now onto the bad part. I understand this is a beta and the purpose is to test the game so some issues are to be expected but this was way beyond that. First game started off incredibly laggy i would press the jump button and it registered 3 seconds later. But it did quickly become better, was definitely still very laggy but it was at least playable. I could see what was happening and my hits were registering

    I was hoping that this would be an anomaly but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Second match i played, unbelievable lag the entire game. I really wanted to quit after 1-2 minutes but the only reason i stayed was we were winning I was getting kills and i wanted the xp. But this was absolutely unplayable, the worst lag I’ve ever experienced in a multiplayer game and I’m not exaggerating

    And before someone says it’s my internet, definitely not. After my 2nd game I stopped playing and switched over to halo mcc to make sure and the connection was perfect no lag

    If they can get this issue fixed asap i will gladly log back in and continue playing the game because i can tell it will be very fun when it’s working properly. Matchmaking at this point should be based on connection ONLY and prioritize the smoothest possible experience. It would also be nice if i could pick my region and only find matches on the west coast

    As a side note, I really like that the button inputs are all remappable. However I would like to see them go one step further and implement the system that exists in overwatch/paladins which allows you to remap buttons for each individual character. That would really be awesome but fixing the lag/connection should definitely be highest priority so the game is actually playable