Something i didnt like, and maybe you too...

  • Im going to start by saying that the game actually is reaally awesome...renember me of a sweet old dead 3rd person moba that i miss...but thats not the point here.

    I dont think that is a good idea to "queque" or "put-you-into" a game that has already started, couse, first of get into a team in wich "sinergy" matter a lot in this type of game, understanding of the behave of your mates in the first minutes, as absurd as it sounds, can be decisive for the game...i will put an experience of mine, not couse i wish attencion, but maybe couse it happen to someone else, i went into a game in wich everione was diying and running for his lives...i had to run for mine...and i know and understand that basically any match can be like that from the begining...but in this one, i couldnt do anything but just run lol.

    The game is going great, and i belive it has the potencial to be one of those top games...i hope the game can get very high!

    If i misspelled something, forgive me, for i dont have english as my native language.

  • Yes, the most important piece of feedback I took away from the Beta was the amount of times I would join a game that's almost over and I'm pretty much just waiting for the inevitable defeat screen. Not only that, the amount of times people would leave during the game resulting in the same result of the inevitable defeat screen. It happened very frequently and it's very very very difficult to overturn a loss with less players than the opposing team, I'd go as far as to say impossible if the opposing team isn't brand new.

    It's a difficult issue to solve as people will leave for more reasons than just because they are losing. Likewise if a player does leave, you'd want a 4th to join very quickly.

    I think a sensible solution would be a vote to forfeit screen if your team is a player down and you are also losing by a certain threshold of points. That way, the match can be over as quickly as possible so you can just move onto the next.

    I don't actually know if it was a thing during the Beta as I very rarely left but during the Alpha they begin to implement a leaver's penalty. A vote to forfeit system would also allow matches to finish early without players having to leave with a potentially unfair penalty when they're already a player down and losing considerably.

    It would also result in fewer matches where you join late because more matches in those positions would already be abandoned.