Do not abandon the game, please!

  • Do not abandon the game, Ninja Theory.

    The game is unique, fun, has a great soundtrack that flows during the game and a very cool and original artistic style.
    A smaller project, however, well done. More skins and game modes were missing, but everything was still so new. The game is not badly done like so many that exist in the market, and it has so much potential.
    Special events, lore, new charismatic characters, new classes (maybe even a crossover with elements of the Xbox family), placement matches, championships, making it free to play if necessary... So many things that this game can have.

    I believe it’s not in your interest to work on a smaller game like this, but don’t drop a game with that much potential. It doesn't have to be small.
    There are already too many studios that abandon and don't develop good ideas in the market.

    Do your best!

  • Man, unfortunately since from start that piece of shit called ninja theory never had big ambitious for this game, always put down in the corner because of their "prioritizes", such incompetence and terrible management basically fated this game where he is now.

    The community isn't strong enough for try get attention from them( actually literally anyone are interested doing nothing more for this game), devs didn't even try interact more after launch, don't know if they care or not about us even now.

    I pray that all this 3 years of development on this game doesn't get in the trash, at least that.

  • I hope they come back after Senua's Project finish.

  • Would like to believe on that, any game from this IP l would pre-order without think twice.

    Hope something for this IP came after some years.