A description of the different "skill levels" in Bleeding Edge

  • One of the factors that lead towards improvement; is to understand what and how you are improving exactly. Thus, in this post we will attempt to package skillsets together into levels, and you can use these levels to develop a better understanding of where you currently stand, and where you can get better.
    Please note that this is not a "guide" in a strict sense, but rather a list of goals/objectives/requirements that once met, will mark your ascendance to the next level.
    If the game had ranks/elos I would instead say that these [could] be the requirements for each rank, but since we do not, we will have to theorize and use our imagination a little bit.


    • Understand how to play for the objectives; by collecting/delivering power cells, or capturing & guarding the active points.
    • Learn to use the mini-map for information on objectives and/or ally/enemy positions.
    • Make basic usage of your character's abilities. Meaning to heal your allies if you're a support, deal damage if you are a damage dealer, or protect your allies during team fights if you're a tank.
    • Most importantly: Learn to move with your team, and fight with them.


    • Grow familiar with all the maps in the game (7 maps as of now), so you can move quickly and efficiently to where you are needed.
    • Understand the different map mods (12 as of now) and how they affect the way the match will go.
    • Master the character(s) that you main; by learning to make the best usage of their abilities, and finding the mods that suit your playstyle.
    • Know and understand what the abilities of the other fighters do, in order to work better with your allies, and understand the enemy strengths and weaknesses better.
    • Understand how to put together a basic team composition with supports, damage dealers, and tanks.


    • Improve your Macro gameplay by grasping the concepts of positioning, map awareness, and overall game sense.
    • Improve your Micro gameplay by refining your mechanics; in form of learning to parry, evade, mixing up your attacks, and countering specific enemy abilities.
    • Learn to step out of your comfort zone and play a variety of roles/characters depending on what your team needs.


    • By now you should be able to recognize enemy mistakes and punish them for it
    • See the game through your opponent's eyes so you can predict their next move, bait out their evades/abilities, and basically be 1 step ahead of them.
    • With your great knowledge of the game you can get creative with mod builds, team compositions and/or ways to play your characters.

    You have learned and mastered almost everything there is to learn in Bleeding Edge. The final skill for you to learn is to shotcall, and lead your team of (hopefully) level 2 (from this list) and above.
    Hats off to you General.

    With this we reach the end of this post. Should you have any questions or things I could help with, feel free to either reply to this thread, or find me (Sultan Cat) in the official Bleeding Edge discord.