Power Collection: How I Would Fix

  • The main complaint with Power Collection (PC) is that if one team is carrying a massive amount of cells, and then loses a team fight, the opposing team can make a huge turn in. This can give them an outright win or a big enough lead that you can't comeback. In some ways this is good, teams need to be good about turning in if they are carrying cell majority or risk losing cell lead and teams need to be good about intercepting their opponents who are hoarding cells. These are good lessons, but the game type could still be improved.

    Here's how:

    Taking inspiration from Objective Control (OC), decrease the amount of delivery points as the game nears the end. In OC when you reach about 480 points the available objectives are decreased to a single location instead of the normal pattern: single objective, double objective, triple objective, repeat pattern. This forces the players to transition from roaming and maintaining point control to team fighting on top of a single objective. This makes the end of a match more intense.

    Do the same with PC. In PC the pattern for delivery points is: single delivery point, double delivery point, repeat pattern. This pattern never changes. Instead what I would prefer it to be is: single delivery point, double delivery point, double delivery point, and then single from then on. This gives players two rounds in a row to get rid of cells, two rounds in a row they need to interrupt and delay, and if you can't turn in during that you now need to win team fights.

    So why? After three rounds of delivering that would mean there has been a minimum of 45 cells spawned (this accounts for every collection phase before delivery phase, 15 cells spawn every collection phase, 3 collection phases). This means if the match is a stomp one team could outright have won by the third delivery phase. But if it is a close match either team should have plenty of opportunity to turn in or delay until it is single delivery point.

    This change would also kill the cell hoarding play style. Perma stealth Daemon, runaway Cass and Buttercup, and honestly provide easier counter play to Makutu cheese. After the last double delivery point Daemon cannot stealth to the objective and the two runners would be forced to team fight. Players could still use these strategies to collect cells but it wouldn't help them deliver in the late game. Makutu cheese is an obvious problem and will continue to be with these changes but if there is only one point people are trying to contest it would be easy for an Azrael, Kulev, or Mekko to save their Super for when Makutu tries to cheese turn in.

    Fewer cells could spawn in the late game meaning any lead created in the early game would be easier to maintain. This would reward teams that collect cell majority and turn in while punish players going for kills on players without cells instead of collecting.

    I prefer Objective Control to Power Collection any day of the week so I figure try to use some of the lessons from OC to fix PC.

  • Some very good thoughts here, dude!

  • Thanks! The best thing for this game would be to add another game type, but if that isn't going to happen then fix what you have.