We are asking the wrong questions

  • The question many people ask, myself included, is "what should we expect from Bleeding Edge?" I would say "new hero, maybe a new gametype, every patch we get a new map, some sort of rebalancing." I hate to be negative, I truly truly do, but the question should be "should we expect anything from Bleeding Edge?"

    The devs have made it clear. They are not going to talk to us. Is it because they don't care? Is it because they are too busy? Is it because they are scared too admit they have nothing to say and by starting a conversation they are putting a target on their back? Yes, to all of that.

    On the subject of caring: B4njax pointed out that they haven't even updated Makutu's profile on this very website. I mean seriously, who the fuck could be this stupid? I find it hilarious at how consistent they are at being disappointing. Next to no marketing for the game, do they even realize that a fraction of gamers even know of BE's existence? How many more players could they get if they started advertising? The most interaction we get from them is Tetris popping into the discord, chatting a bit with SultanCat, and inevitably telling us there is nothing new for him to tell us about development but that the game will get continued support. I don't want to hear that shit anymore. Nothing against you Tetris, you at least get a participation award.

    On the subject of being busy: they have two other projects they are working on. In that sense, yes, Ninja Theory is busy. I'm sorry NT, but you do have three games. Bleeding Edge is a game. Did Ninja Theory actually tell them "stop working on your game" because if they didn't then we should have a team that is working on Bleeding Edge, every, single, day. I think it is about time NT, did you put a hold on development? If yes, then for how long?

    On the subject on what they have to say: it is nothing. They truly have nothing to say to us. Is it because they are disappointed in themselves? I can't claim to know the emotions of people that DON'T SPEAK but I would say that they should be disappointed in themselves. I mean damn, if you are on the BE dev team and have a reason to be proud of yourself it must be related to your personal life because you screwed the pooch when it comes to this.

    There is more to this than the devs. There is us. The community. We fucking suck. We have been patient waiting for the next patch, mostly, but if my tone doesn't make it perfectly clear that I have shifted my opinion on this game then you must not be reading this post. We have a player base that doesn't improve with a gentle trickle of new players that keep the dedicated players from being able to solo queue into competitive matches and simultaneously prevent new players from learning. I am an advocate for "trial by fire" teaching methods but obviously most people can't handle the "sink or swim" nature of this game. The few times I have gotten a competitive match in solo queue is when I get paired with a 3 stack and we get matched against a 4 stack. That is hardly "solo queuing."

    We are a toxic player base. We have players who outright troll from the first minute to the last, consistently. We have players who quit after their first death, consistently. We have players who hold grudges and decide "this is my personality." It's boring, it's disappointing, but its the truth. We are a disappointing player base and no can improve that but ourselves. I'm not a betting man, but 1000 dollars says certain players will never get past the Illumnait trash talking them. Is it toxic for me to bring that up, sure, but the people who feel I am targeting them with that statement are just as toxic as the players they cannot resist hating. Sorry, but until y'all give me a reason to think you aren't toxic you ARE the most toxic players I have ever been around. I've played Halo, COD, battlefield, LoL, OW and more. All have toxicity, but some of y'all are scum. I'm annoyed you are clogging my game with your shit. Fucking grow up or leave, I'm tired of hearing you moan because a handful of players, who don't even play this game anymore, hurt your feelings. Illumnati left, why are you still on them?

    If we are going to be that childish then we don't deserve another patch. Tell me I'm wrong.

    I do have numerous players I enjoy playing with. We joke around. We have a good time. There are players I don't play with but instead consistently play against. Again, we have a good time despite the fact I've never spoken with them (I'm basing that purely off the assumption that they enjoy a competitive match). But these few players I play with, against, are hardly an entire community. If you feel like I didn't include you in this bit don't be offended. You are more than welcome to set up your own customs or if the problem is that we aren't playing at the same time blame the Earth for not being flat. Customs are the best part of this game, fact. You avoid the new players, you play with people that are skilled and communicate.

    The majority of the player base is complete garbage. Not saying this in a toxic way. If you've ever had a player who decides to go on an adventure around the map. You know what I mean. If you've ever had a Miko who only self casts Chain Heal. You know what I mean. A Maeve who focuses the tank. You know what I mean. A one trick who's bad at the only hero they play. You know what I mean. The majority of the player base isn't improving and that is because there isn't a good outlet for them to learn. Very few YouTube videos, even fewer quides, streamers who don't focus efforts on educating players. I'm not blaming them, the amount of time and energy it takes to be a content creator is exhausting. This game isn't worth it, this community isn't worth it. Since we are all thrown into the same queue they genuinely have to learn the game playing with the best players, against stacks, alongside trolls and ragers. How can we expect them to improve when that is their position?

    There isn't even an effective way to fix this other than experienced players taking tremendous amounts of time. Thats not going to happen. Terrornaut, who was at one time very active in the discord, is a new player who asked questions. Many questions. Seeing them come into this game positive and looking to improve gave me hope. I haven't heard from them in a while. I don't blame them. If we had more new players asking for help on the discord or maybe a matchmaking system that did a better job of pairing them, and only them, in matches together so they can learn the game. One or two dedicated players will curb stomp them and the match maker has the audacity to put all experienced players on the same team against a bunch of newbies. This happens often.

    Without any new content from the devs there is no reason for players to come to the game, stick around. So I have to ask: how long will the rest of us play knowing this is NT's throw away game? NT's abandoned puppy. NT's failure. NT's toxic pit. NT's neglect.

    Toxicity breeds more toxicity. It is a cycle that has worn at everyone, myself included. I don't think there is anyway for NT or us to combat it given our current nature and their pattern. I mean we would need a patch that renews our opinions of the game. Seriously doubt that's coming, at least not soon. Without a patch then we need a few hundred players to through a major personality shift/skill level increase. You'd have to be naive to think that is possible.

    We shouldn't expect anything any time soon. The series X launch is tomorrow and we have heard of nothing. I have been hoping they have been compiling there energy and efforts into the series X launch. Well NT, here it comes, what do you have to show?

    Please prove me wrong NT. I'm not going to apologize for the things that I've said in this post. You deserve every word and more. I want you to make me look like a fool for saying all of this moments before an update. As I've said though, fat chance of that happening.

    I keep rereading this. I don't want to post it. I know I have to. This is the first multi-player game that has been released in a while that I truly love. Seeing devs and players alike treat it this way is heartbreaking.

  • Im very sad to see this very epic and one of a kind game die, like this is my favorite melee/fighting thing and i rarely like these types and thats not allowed but B.E was like "hey fuck that you will play this game till the ends of the earth." And i was like K. Idk what the hell am i even saying at this point, anyway i'll be playing in the dojo until NT pulls the Ethernet cable, shutting the game down for good. Love ya see ya to whom ever is reading this. it been a fun ride

  • Yeah, would like you doesn't have said "was a fun ride", because l still wanna see this game became better and better like you wanna see too.

    But your felling as mine as well aren't wrong about how this game fells so..... abandon

    Was really fun even when l have been frustrated with some other match's but mainly because l can play it,for now.

    Just hurts me see this happening, no love on sight, no attention.

    Well,anyone here who really like and stay play it want this game don't be officially abandoned

    If so........well....thanks devs for creating this amazing game whose l doesn't have hopes that will still continue to be supported

    That makes me get depression just to know how the reality of any warning about a thing whose you care a lot isn't said and just shows
    How closer appear be to end.

  • 100% agree with you. I still play this game daily and I've loved every minute of it. It's a shame that the devs clearly don't give a damn about their own game because it had and still has a lot of potential. I only really play anymore to at least bump the game's player count up by one.

    And I have to apologise to anyone as well who's a regular on the game who's seen me before. I used to be fairly toxic but I have calmed down quite a bit. Either way, that's going off topic. At the end of the day, I completely agree with you. This game won't last until the end of 2021, I feel. And I will be so sad when that happens. I really enjoy the concept of it, but goddamn have they screwed up. I don't even refer to them as devs anymore. They own forum barely works. It's a joke.

    Mad respect to anyone who still play every day. I know who you guys and girls are and I respect every one of you.

    See you topside, peeps.