D-Day Weekly Community Event (Deathmatch Day) Going Forward

  • So as some of you may know, I try to host Ranked and Deathmatch queues every week assuming life doesn't get in the way. Trying to work out how I will keep this up details-wise . Ranked queue yesterday went pretty well but it wasn't necessarily what one could consider "competitive" or anything so serious enough to be considered actual ranked play. It was really enjoyable though and has convinced me that I am doing a good thing providing opportunity for the community to come together to play customs.

    So...I have decided to move the time to 9pm GMT not 7 and go for about 2 hours since that seemed to suit people pretty well yesterday. Also I will only be doing "D-Day" from now on and only on Saturdays. I will have some light rules to keep things fun such as banning some mods and hopefully won't need to go further than that. As for the usual "Deathmatch" element...might leave that for when this weekly community event of sorts becomes more established. Anyways, come find me on my channel (twitch.tv/b4nj4x) to see what's up. Every Saturday, 9pm-11pm GMT. Hope to see ye there! Use !dday in chat for info!

    Running this again today at 7pm GMT (1pm CST) for 2 hours. Possibly for the last time until the devs prove they actually care in some way.

    Banned Mods
    Nidhoggr's Diffraction
    Daemon's Ghostin'
    Makutu's Happy Thoughts

    Why these mods?
    1. Diffraction is banned to help curb the use/effectiveness of Shredder spam because it's low effort and annoying
    2. Ghostin' is banned because it promotes bad Daemon gameplay and to round out the trio of bans tbh. No one likes a Daemon who relies on Stealth too much
    3. Happy Thoughts is banned...nuff said and you know why

    1. No Stacking
    2. No Banned Mods