Some cool things wich could be in this game

  • • statics
    Statics like how much damage, heath or/and healing , shield each character have,is something that could be visible for a better notion, mainly when is a new character or other whose you never play.

    Also, don't have statics in xbox profile on game overview is kinda boring and disappointing, just shouldn't be necessary get in the game for you know what's your statics,even the own website could show that.

    • Roulette of emotions(つ✧ω✧)つ

    Man,l asking this for a long time, isn't cool just have one emotion to use in a macht
    Would be more funny and cooler use like 4 of them,l just want it,pls.

    Well,now l just would like to see a chain misfit some day

    Or/and some/this new fighter have a super whose you connect (2 of them in a certain distance wich if are too far, you can't reconnect and super is cancelled)in a mate and he gain 35% of his cooldown decrease with 10% more DR but you will have also 10% less DR, with a evade ability to use ,whose already used,her cooldown would increase in consequence of your super activity, would be more like how miko super works in some terms.

    Anybody else have other ideas?