• @Rebel-Tetris

    No one knows nothing about what is gonna happen with BE

    Even are mostly close thinking this game is near to death.

    Medias are dead with just discord and Reddit shows some activity

    Has been almost 3 months since last update

    How many times do you guys still gonna do this?
    What are you thinking?

    It's ok? Nothing to worry? All gonna be ok???

    If so, SAY SOMETHING....there are people, included me, whose really loves this game and play almost/every week/day, and even those people will given up some time if this continue

    And will abandon BE just like you guys seems are doing with us

    Hope this silence are worth for something like azriel update,and can say was better, now is terrifying
    Don't know how to manage a community isn't a excuse for this silence

    Few words are welcome, director of this game could say something

    Or medias say anything about fighters curiosity, jokes ,clips, balance..... would be wonderful if this started to happen, even it was few

    We just want a answer if BE will live, now or other day, we'll get it

    We just want to know about healthy of this game, isn't difficult for you guys say,this can't continue anymore
    more respect for your onw community devs!

    I pray for comes something good, hopefully in November, we just want some words, some answers be solved

    Just give us more attention,pls
    Any word from devs team is immensely value for us

    Just want to see and keep playing this games as it grows,pls make this happen

    We just want some interaction pls,be more active,even for a little🙏🙏🙏(。•́︿•̀。).