Hopes for a Future improvement matchmaking

  • I had play some other games before and when l came play mostly BE,this matchmaking system until now still very problematic, somethings like skills
    Division for each person is difficult to balance but some other practices,if were kinda follow the way like l'll speak here, would be less stressful from play a macht,so:

    Newcomers between us

    Calm down, isn't a division per lv, but a PvE mode macht whose when in a certain lv(like maybe15 ) this person could be able to play a PvP,and the object and things that could exist with this is:

    • Make newcomers warm up enough for unless learn stay together, fight together and what fighters are more problematic to deal with.

    •Only PvP will be available in 4 stacks if this guy is a newcomer, because you know what a soloq with that type of guys ends most of times if you know what l mean hehe, whose will incentive more team work ,mainly if him is with experience people and have more notion the important of communication andd union in BE.

    •Daily guest can be done in this mode and when this person reach that required lv ,can just be done now only in PvP( for avoid problems with PvP).

    The PvP reports and consequences
    A warning should be advised for everyone about PvP leaving or reports consequences whose SHOULD be more strict,for example:

    •if someone leave,and don't return (should exist this option in a future ranked),or be successfully reported too much:

    • First thing to happen, is reduct rewards like it is today, but when is his firsts times;

    • Second a ban with 30 minutes;

    • If reach in a thirth is 1h of ban;

    • Or has the feat to reach a fourth, 24h;

    • If he(she) is a ninja for receive a fith,2 weeks of ban,and that part the punishment count will restart.

    And can just be restarted this punishment count if this player stop (basically be a asshole) direspectt others(leaving also count in middle macht) in macht for a certain time, like 2 weeks.

    • Please just give us the complete right for get out in a macht whose doesn't start because doesn't make any sense for you can simply leave and abandon your entire team when game already started, even they(or some)are bad, isn't encourage anyone for keep playing ,and when anyone don't get out while "preparation fase",just with entire team select a surrender option,give them a lost.

    • and improve/create more ways for people who helping their teams for increase the incentive for playing together,even for who lost but is rewarded with a better bonus.

    Well this is my opinion for what could be better done,what do you thinking guys?