Quick Backfill Fix

  • There are lots of great posts already outlining the need for general matchmaking fixes, instituting a casual queue for newer players in contrast to competitive, setting thresholds on backfills so they don't happen at the ends of games, etc. I won't rehash those posts here and I understand why those changes might take a little longer to come down the pipeline given their complexity, but here's a pitch for a small, presumably simple fix that could, I think, realistically be in the next patch or two: just don't allow anyone below level 10 to backfill. Period. It's not fair or helpful to anyone involved. It makes it less likely new players will have a positive experience, and it makes it less likely the team receiving a backfill will get a productive teammate. So just give everyone a grace period to a certain level. If 10 isn't the right number, just pick whatever level is the right number.