Stats for Weekly Top Healing/Damage for a match crazy.

  • Does it seem a little odd to anyone else that this week's stats for healing and damage in a single game are insane?
    The 5th place spot is over 80,000 healing in one match, and the 5th spot for damage is over 60,000. These numbers are not obtainable for a normal player, even the top players I've never seen numbers like this.

    I looked at the match these people played to get these stats, it's just 8 players screwing around for 30 minutes trying to get their stats up as high as possible.

    I know there is no way to stop matches like this, but it makes people such as myself who are trying to play and get on the leaderboards in a legit way more difficult.

    I healed over 35,000 myself in a match today and was sure it was enough to get in the top 5. Normally the top 5 in any other week ranges from around 45,000-30,000 healing. There is no way in a normal match anyone is going to be able to get into the top 5 with crap like this.

    Just thought I would bring this up in hope NT see's this and hopefully fixes. It's somewhat discouraging to know no one else can obtain the top 5 this week with these numbers without doing it in a non legit way.

  • @JThumper13
    I suspected that the results came from match fixing. The leaderboard can't be taken seriously now. Random's party-farmers are in the top, in 100% wins people who have one game per week, and if you score some points, you just don't get on the list like in my case.

    Better to let the developers deal with matchmaking, balance and QoL problems. This is much more important for gameplay than the numbers in the table.

    P.S.: Well, I watched this match. This is LoL. Two teams stand in one place, Gizmo shoots, four healers restore themselves. Again and again. And 30min is just what the replay recorded. They had 60-80k heal points when this guy has 160k. That means they did it for an hour or 1,5.
    This can be improved by introducing a time limit of 15 minutes. On average, matches last 10-12 minutes. 15 will be enough. Or 20 as a last resort.