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  • While driving to the office today I had a possible "eureka" moment.

    NT should add an option to matchmaking that would put solo queue players of the similar level, win rate, and game time played into a group before they actually queue into a match. Thought process is that this would help players create relationships with their teammates and encourage teamwork. These group could potentially turn into long term friends who 4 stack regularly.

    Thoughts as to why this would be a positive edition to the game is that these players would be more likely to get matches against other 4 stacks. Assuming the system works as I described they would even be of about the same skill level as well. These players would still be in the same category for match making as solo queue players to prevent extremely long queue times but since there would be other people making 4 stacks using this system it would be easier for matchmaking to prioritize them to play against each other.

    I'm personally trying to group up more often and having the game automatically give me players that are statistically similar to me would be a godsend.

    Obviously no idea is perfect and my comprehension of game design is miniscule at best. Hopefully some devs see this so even if this idea wouldn't work it might help them come up with something that fulfills the same purpose.