Makuto Secret Combo

  • Has anyone else found that if you tap X 2 times and then hold X for the third, Makuto Jumps into the air while punching the enemy, in which you can follow with another attack by holding X, which slams the enemy to the ground.

  • Yeah, i saw this. Additionally, once you're in the air, you have two options. The first option, like you mentioned, is to do a body slam by holding X, but the other option is to tap X, and Makuto will do some kind of spin kick. While i do feel accomplished for figuring this out on my own, i wish the game put it in the character details

  • He also has a thousand hand slap -- tap X and then hold X, this can be followed up with the uppercut.

  • @ToxicFangz he actually has a third option in the air.

    Tap X, then immediately tap Y. This cancels the double-kicks, after just one kick, with his speed/health boost, causing makutu to fall back to the ground instantly while your opponent falls slowly.
    This allows you to do the tapX, tapX, holdX combo on them while they’re falling back to the ground, netting a decent amount of extra damage (and lockdown) which can be useful for securing kills on high priority targets, at the expense of your speed boost ability.

  • @CAKE-SLAP Good to know. The more I read, the more I want to use him. His combo variety/potential is crazy.