Makutu Invulnerability Mod in Power Cells

  • I think this is the 3rd thread I've made in relation to this since late Alpha/early Beta and I thought it would finally be addressed with his rework...but sadly it hasn't, and now Makutu is a lot more viable and popular, his invulnerability cell cheese is even more of an occurrence than it was before.

    If you didn't already know what I'm referring too, Makutu and his teammates nearby him can hand in Power Cells whilst invulnerable with Makutu's "Can't Touch Us" Super. If Makutu has the mod that increases the duration of Can't Touch Us, it will last the entire duration needed to hand in cells.

    The only abilities in the game that counters this are Mekko's Bubble Super, Mekko's Sonic Barrage Super, Kulev's Bamboozle Super, and now Azrael's Wing Blast Super. Both the Bubble and Bamboozle only target Makutu as well, so it won't stop any of his teammates around him from handing in.

    Tetris said on the Discord that they didn't change it because they felt it was a legitimate strategy like Kulev's Shield or Miko's Dome whilst handing in cells. Personally I don't agree with that at all because there are several counters to them both. You can simply damage through either, push through the Miko shield, cc Kulev, etc. With Makutu's Can't Touch Us, you can win in the most unfair, impossible situations. Through map environmentals, in the middle of a teamfight making that teamfight completely irrelevant, sitting through every ability in the game bar few specific Supers with 1 press of a button. And you can do this multiple times a match.

    Yes, in theory there are things you can do to help prevent it, like hard focusing Makutu and cutting him off. But firstly, he's not easy to take down at all unless he's on his own and you cc chain him. And you can't take his Super away from him. He can always just spread cells about by going into spawn as well.

    Unless you're incredibly disorganised and you're being steamrolled, it's such a strong win condition every time, and it certainly is on paper in competitive play if you're organised enough.

    Winning every team fight and playing way better than the opposite team, only to have 1 player press 1 button and take the win away from you unless you switch to 1 of 3 characters and use 1 specific super and wait all game for that super to charge otherwise you lose is just absurd and I'm so surprised it's remained in the game for so long. If it wasn't so boring to consistently play (and actually seems to be one of the few bits of morale sportsmanship in the game not to use it), or we had a meaningful ranking system, it would be abused in every competitive game because it's the easiest chance of winning. In an evenly matched game, Makutu's Can't Touch Us mod for increased duration is more than a just a "margin" for victory.

    Just removing or reworking the mod that currently increases its duration by 2 seconds would fix this, because there is opportunity to actually interrupt him then, and there can actually be legitimate strategy surrounding it like using it on your teammate if he's about to be interrupted by a stray or hopeful Gizmo bullet in the last second.