Daily quests much needed addition, please read this!

  • For daily quest, could you add a timer on when the quest will be available again, please? I log on over and over and have no idea when it's about to reset.

  • They reset at midnight, your local time, everyday. Unfinished quests carry over to the next day and thus will deny you a refresh. Ideally they will add the ability to delete 1 or 2 quests so you can get the refresh every day even if you struggle with a quest in particular. Try not to be so attention grabbing. The devs read everything on here so calm down.

  • Say it LOUDER for those in the back. It's good to keep your complaints top of mind. Your complaints are totally valid. That being said I never won a game with Makutu. Eventually the quest will reset on it's own or I'd still have to play Makutu.

    I don't.

    Thank god.

  • They just need to put the ability to gain up to 3 daily quest re rolls (you gain a new re-roll every 12-24 hours

    They also need to removed the (half daily quests finish? we'll just leave it there for you until you get back".... no please I don't want to play 3 games as daemon while capturing 8 cells in 2 winning games 😞