Gizmo Bouncer Should Affect Enemies

  • It doesn't make since that Gizmo's bouncer skill only affects teammates. I mean, it's an object that just sits there. Too many times have I been able to block her from using it while running through it until its time runs out.

    It's incredibly hard to use it while being comboed too, and almost always ends up being wasted if attempted.

    I suggest it bounces enemies away.

    Not up in the air, and not even far away. The same distance as Mekko's Surge.

    This would give Gizmo some breathing space instead of always relying on being the first to disengage as soon as a melee character makes a beeline for her.

    Many enemies would have to make the effort to go around the bouncer to close the gap sooner. Being bounced would cancel any skills they're using.

    It would act just like those bumpers in pinball machines lol

    What do you guys think? I don't feel it would be an unfair advantage to add this small little feature.

  • I think that would make a decent mod actually. Not sure about changing the base ability in such a way though. If they were to change how bouncer works, I personally would prefer that it spawns right under her feet, launch her the direction she's facing and grants a split second of super armor so she can reliably count on it provided there's a suitable surface. Maybe as a double tap self cast.