Cross-play Option Discussion

  • Since the addition of crossplay being added to Bleeding Edge during its beta stage, I have notice that there has been a-lot more server issues. Before the addition to crossplay, their wasn't as much lag, rubber-banding, etc. I feel that the optimization for console isn't up to par with the PC counter-part. If there is a way to make console have a smoother experience in regards to gameplay, it would be great! But for right now, I don't think BE is ready for cross-play until both platforms have been optimized for synergic performance. Perhaps have a toggle for players to disable and enable crossplay and see if server stability gets better.

  • @DMG-Joshua and watch wait times increase like a mothafucka.

  • I don't know if it's the root cause but it's definitely never been the same since cross play was introduced. I'd go as far as to say that there is a genuine advantage in playing on PC vs Xbox right now. There are some aspects that have improved but you're still going to get some degree of rubberbanding or frame rate drops in pretty much every game on Xbox.

    I think being able to disable cross play would make queue times ridiculously long for everyone. There's just not the playerbase right now sadly.