Create a match, Find a match, and lobby

  • In this post I would like to make a suggestion for an additional option in which one could search for a game.
    I'm very sure that by now, everyone in the development team has heard the community's cry for custom games, and I'm speculating that perhaps there is a fear that the addition of customs will take a large amount of players away from the regular queue; leading to longer queue times and an unwanted experience for new players.
    Therefore I'm suggesting this option of finding matches, that will still be welcoming and inviting to new players, just without the feeling of helplessness that the old players have, when they go on a 15 game streak of painful struggles because they have to solo carry their teams.

    This, ladies and gentlemen; is the lobby of an old game called wolf team, and I'm using wolf team to help myself explain what I'm trying to say:

    alt text

    What we're looking at here, is a page with matches. Some are ongoing, some have just started, and some are still being made and looking for players.
    We can also see information about the game; like mode, status (active or hasn't started yet) and map.

    Once we choose a game, or decide to create a new game, we are taken to this page:

    alt text

    The left half shows the players, and the right half shows settings like mode, map etc. that the game host can control (but we're not even thaaat interested in this feature, just the left half with players).
    There is also an option to invite players. Once clicked on, it will show you currently active (idle) players, that you can invite to join your game (of course people can also manually find your game in the lobby and join it)
    Next to invite is a feature specifically for spectators, and this is very useful for tournaments and community events, since it enables spectators/casters/whatever, to not only stay in the room, but also interract with the players (before and after the game) using the chatbox bellow.

    My point is not that we want these features to be copied and ripped off, (although I would not mind hahaha) but rather that we would reeeeeaaaally love it if the development could consider giving us such features. These features are amazing for a game like Bleeding Edge, and something like this will also provide a fix for the problem of players never being able to have a rematch, or keep playing with/against people that they are having a great time with.

    So what do you think? I'm sure I'm not only speaking for myself when I say that features like these will make the community very happy, so I ask you to consider ❤
    Thank you for reading,