Zero Cool Costume FAIL

  • Guys, so y’all have a Brazilian character Zero Cool, come out with 6 new costumes and non of them are Brazilian! What in the world? What were y’all thinking??? Y’all got a British, German, and Italian racing outfit as the ultimate costume on a BRAZILIAN character...Super disappointed y’all!

    I’m Brazilian so naturally I would spot this. Read up on the character and where he was from, noticed y’all didn’t have Brazilian costumes and expected something dope upon update but NOTHING.

  • I noticed this too! Didn't think it was a big deal because I typically give NT the benefit of the doubt and figure that they'd do a proper Brazilian skin in the future.

  • @MisfitBanjax
    Yea I like them as a developer so I don’t mean to be too critical but they dropped the ball on this one. However I still support the game. I think they definitely need to fix this. He’s a Brazilian character, not a European.

  • Having mad Brazilian friends and being Brazlian'ish that was hilarious. They are someone of the most patriotic people out there. Squeeze in some portuguese while you're at it. I don't even think I hear an accent on ol boi.

  • @CAPO-9 In fairness it would be an overall silly thing to condemn the game over. I'm just happy that they have so many different nationalities with these characters. Although I do have one gripe with the way Maeve, an Irish character, has a passive with a German name for some reason. They didn't even spell her name right 😛

    @I-WORSTPLAYER-I I'd love for them to add more multilingual voice lines!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @MisfitBanjax well I definitely don’t condemn the game, but disappointed for sure. I’m not buying a European costume for a Brazilian character lol. And that’s a shame cuz I was really happy to find a Brazilian healer.