Makutu rework

  • I know Ninja is working in process the rework of Makutu, I just want them to know that rolling ball is very deadly for himself, when I rolling, those shooter keep lock me down and shoot, I die’s not fine when you do your super and get kill easier then normal !!

    There is a daily task so players must run some characters requested, I found shooter attack power is not as weak as I thought , they have more range so it’s should be more weak then knife or fist, but they doesn’t! WTH!

    Pls Ninja do the rework right, get Makutu the equal ability and action to fight other characters. He is slow, and weak in attack, max HP doesn’t mean anything, no block, no dodge make him super easy target to kill. Very hard to run away from fight either.

    Thanks !

  • @Funkdalic Here's hoping they do Makutu justice with the rework. That said as he is, I personally think he's one of the best tanks in the game for Objective Control. Also a good Makutu can be really hard to kill, and that's without someone healing him.

    How much have you played him? If you don't mind me asking