Daily Quest Issue/Suggestion

  • First off... the new Quest system is a great addition. Love it! And excited for the new Leader boards and other future updates because I love this game and only want to see it thrive and surpass games like Overwatch. But if you have to complete ALL the quests in order to earn any credits and there’s a quest that you really don’t want to complete... it’s not much fun. If you’re not only forced to play a character you really don’t care for but you also have to WIN with them then that’s a real pain in the a$$. Especially if you’re brand new to the character, not motivated to use them at all and you have a bad luck matchmaking streak with bad teams. You could play a good amount of games before you get that win. It’s really not cool. It would be nice if there were more than 3 quests and each one was worth it’s own separate amount of credits so you could at least pick the ones you actually cared about to earn something rather than nothing at all. I hate comparing games but at least “For Honor” has that going for it. Even though that’s a broken/abandoned game. I like this one a lot more. That said, thank you for this game and all you do for it!

  • @f-i-x-e-r-1138 The way I see it, it's a good thing that the game is rewarding people for being open to trying new fighters or roles. And yeah, it's not fun trying to fulfill those ones where you have to win but in fairness you have the whole day to try do that. Or at the very least a fair few hours pending how busy you are during any given day.

    But yeah, I understand that, unlike me, people generally only wanna play the fighters they are interested in and that's fair.

    How about this as a fair compromise...
    Each quest is worth 100 credits, rewarded as they are completed and then there's a 300 credit completion bonus rewarded as people finishing doing all 3 quests

    This would enable players who don't want to do the occasional fighter-specific quests to still get 100-200 credits regardless, which in comparison to match payouts is quite decent anyways while still rewarding people for experimenting with more fighters. Said experimentation, in my opinion, is very good for the playerbase in the long runs as it promotes more mastery with larger fighter pools, making players more versatile and helpful in any given situation. This is something I think most of the stronger players can appreciate and should be encouraged, hence why it's worth a big 300 credit bonus.

  • @f-i-x-e-r-1138 is there anyone I can talk to about issues regarding the daily quest(s)? I’ve played mekko more than twice and it still says I haven’t played her yet. Is there a new mekko that I’m not aware of ?

  • @Nakn0-Takek0 Couple of questions...

    1. Are you sure it was simply play as Mekko or was it win as Mekko?
    2. If you're sure it was simply play as Mekko, regardless of win or loss, did you play majority of the match with Mekko?

    Just covering the bases

  • @MisfitBanjax I’m sure it was regardless win or lose. And I’ve played at least four times with mekko and the tick is still 0/2.

  • @Nakn0-Takek0 Did you win any?

  • @MisfitBanjax I won two and lost two but like I said before it only says play two matches with mekko.

  • @Nakn0-Takek0 That's really weird so. Did you make a bug report?

  • @MisfitBanjax I don’t know how 😩😩... I went on here hoping to find out where I’m supposed to go. I went to the big report on the game but there’s not suitable titles to put this bug under. I wish they had a miscellaneous category.