• Today was my first time playing this game.with that say i would like to see a few things add to the game.

    -Mode Select.
    even if only two are out at this moment.i would rather play capture the spots then collect the power cells.
    -A Rating System for teammates.
    Give them support for being good teammates or maybe report them if they have been leaving matchs.
    -Add bots if players leave game.
    nothing worst then having to be 1v4 or 2v4 while you wait for other players to join you,just to see you are getting own then leave as soon as they see that.
    -Punishment for leaving after match starts.
    Maybe give 10 minutes punishment and add to it the more they do it.or some kind of rep points that doesn't let this players group up with other players that are good sports.
    -Add a co-op mode vs bots.
    to try out or get the hang of some players.also might be fun to play if you don't have time to wait for 8 players to be found and want a quick match.
    -Faster match making
    Would be nice if we are able to reque right after match ends with same players or have new teammates for next match.instead of having to go all the way back to main menu and pick fight again.
    -Speed balancing for some players.
    example Buttercup seems op to me as she can make other flinch from melee attacks and when and if you manage to hurt her she can run away with out to much trouble.
    thats all that comes to mind for now as i play the game im sure a few of us will think of other things.thanks for reading this suggestion.

  • @CradleCorpse Just wanted to say welcome to the game and community! Anyone who uses the forum is especially welcome.

    As for your suggestions...

    Mode Select
    Likely to come eventually when the player base is big enough to avoid the adverse effects of splitting queues. For the time being, it doesn't seem overly viable since the player base is still in it's early days of slow growth.
    Rating System
    There is already a report system, albeit, it's barely functional currently. Supporting good team players is decent idea, even though a bit too Overwatch-y in my opinion. For now though not sure how useful it would be to be honest.
    Potentially a good solution to the leaver problem but at the same time, half the time a backfill player will end up turning the game around where a bot may either be a detriment to the team or if the bot is actually good, could be a problematic advantage.
    Leaver Punishments
    There's already a leaver penalty in place that forces them to play with other leavers for 3 games (I think). It's been a topic of debate since release. I have posted my opinions on the matter numerous times on this forum, the Bleeding Edge subreddit and facebook groups so I will not repeat myself here.
    Co-op Vs Bots
    If by this you mean Co-op Dojo, I'm all for it and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
    Faster Matchmaking
    This is bound to be a quality of life improvement in a future update at some stage.
    Speed Balancing
    I play all the fighters quite a lot and I believe that they are all surprisingly well designed and balanced once you get the hang of them. I personally never felt any of them were overly weak or strong. I feel everyone is viable in the right hands. Now, I like to design games as a hobby and I am friends with many others who have actually been published. I've learned some harsh lessons about balance from said friends so I feel very qualified to remark on this matter with some decent validity.

    Anyways, those are my opinions on your suggestions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game. Keep 'em coming!

  • @MisfitBanjax what about gizmo and her major weakness to stagger effect?

  • @D3athWolf13 I think weaknesses are very important in character design so I am not too pushed about it personally. Frustrating when you get caught out as Gizmo but it's not much different from most non-tank fighters. Although one could argue just how especially frustrating it is when you're trying to use your utility to escape but the stagger and panic casting makes it really difficult to successfully bounce out of harm's way. I agree that they probably should let her cast it underneath her as effectively a instant super jump. Not like it'll guarantee escape anyways.