Just a game mode idea

  • I know it sounds like some silly mobile games , the team which gets the most killing numbers or reachs certain amount of killing points win the match,but it's straight ,addictive and might make new players fight more defensively or even strategically.

    Mostly I spent time on the game matchs is playing as support and I'm obsessive about it,and as we all knew , new players usually fight relatively reckless or just wanna stick with objectives alone(Don’t give me wrong i know sometimes those re tactically thinking). I mean both game modes are the reason this game works in balance and sportingly,but they might become the reasons the game couldn’t keeps players longer because the repetitiveness more focus around both objective sport than actual skills of characters.

    But if there is any new game modes which is not about these objective sports ,the balance of game modes will be affected because of those purchasable characters’s mods ,so there is must be some measures to balance it,idk,maybe need to down these match reward .

    Anyway,as a fan of this game i would love to see any new contents and changes. btw sorry about my poor English haha (^~^;)

  • @IRIS-Xhang I have 2 or 3 idea for game modes ! Maybe just a team deathmatch and a mode like roller derby, one caractère a each team make some laps and over caractère help him or bloc the player enemi !!! On a track with wall obstacleand, accelerator and traps .the player who run ( with overboard it' s playable ) take points when he make a lap !