Game mode suggestion

  • An all random champion pick on a map with a single lane and 2 bases and either team has to fight their way to the base and destroy it. I understand the game is made for e sports but some people like me aint e sports material and I would like to enjoy the champions and maps. Spotify, Bleeding Edge and chill.

  • escort the payload would be a good idea for the game to do

  • I'm all for new game modes but come on, ye are basically just saying "Be League of Legends" and "Be Overwatch". I play this game because I am personally sick of all the same stuff that other games do and copy from each other.

    Not that Power Collection and Capture Objective are unique or anything but the dynamic twist Bleeding Edge gives them is amazing.

    I would like to see a Bleeding Edge take on ARAM or payload. I just think this game has the chance to be innovative with old ideas like those. Like I had an idea for a mode that I don't think any other game does. A game mode like Frogger where the map is a busy trainyard or highway and players get points for getting to the enemy's side of the map, at which point they'll respawn on their own teams side to try again. Something like that could be interesting imo, that said I am aware of the bias on my part 😉