Makutu Rework

  • There are many players who know how to play with Makutu I tried to play only a few times with him, but here is my opinion.

    1 - Barge = does not change
    2 -Repellent = increase the radius just a little
    3- Katamaõri in place of Leg-It / Healthy, less skill time, will make a fantastic fighter to disengage.

    1- Can't touch us! it's OK
    2 - Thousand hands, a super buff in the basic skills pepeke and ora and when you press the punch button your hands travel a much larger space a greater damage hit box and a little more damage.

    Just my opinion, because I find Makutu boring and with few combat skills

  • I posted the following in the Discord feedback tab but I think the length messed up the formatting so I'll share it here as well:


    I definitely think there is space in the character roster for a genuine "disruptor" - someone that can unsettle a team, single an individual out, take someone out of the fight, be the first to initiate, etc. I'd say even more so now with the introduction of Mekko's Safety Zone. His kit is halfway there but definitely needs a bit of help. There's also a few inconsistencies in his kit synergy that really stand out more than any other character.

    A lot of the reasons why Makutu is less "viable" is because Buttercup does almost everything better than him. She can disrupt the enemy with her lock-on hook and single out an enemy for the rest of her team to pounce on. She outputs way more consistent damage. She can sustain herself with Burl similar to Makutu. She has much greater mobility with Burl, Launch and being able to stay mounted upon being attacked. And last but definitely not least, her Oil Slick, as we all know, is extremely effective, even after the nerfs. Even her attack out of mount does more disruption than Makutu's Repellent.

    If Makutu's Leg-It had anywhere near the significance that Oil Slick has then he would already be a lot stronger. Applying a speed boost for a much longer duration for both HIMSELF (mainly) and his teammates would be massively beneficial.

    Makutu's potential damage output is one of the lowest in the game. This is more due to the fact he is ironically so static and his basic attacks are very easy to avoid, you don't even need to waste an evade in most circumstances, you can literally just walk away. It's a shame because the combos you can pull off are extremely unique to the rest of the roster and very satisfying. I think a small but effective change to increasing his damage output, alongside a speed buff which will inevitably allow him to stay with his enemy for longer, is to reduce the downtime between his 2nd basic attack and his prolonged uppercut. Right now it is quite rare to actually pull of the 3rd basic attack in his string because there's such a giant gap between the conclusion of the 2nd and the beginning of the 3rd.

    Onto his inconsistencies - firstly, Repellent. It can be useful for holding a point and getting that last tick to fully capture it, but that's where the use stops in my opinion. Makutu is primarily a melee character, yet Repellent actively pushes his enemies away from his melee radius. As I've mentioned above, it's already extremely difficult for him to focus attacks on one enemy because they can just move out of his radius. Other melee characters don't experience this. Nidhoggr has his axe to stun his enemies into place. He also has a small "leap" incorporated into his basic attacks to allow him to continue his basic attack string on enemies that aren't evading out of the way. Daemon has Shift Strike to chase enemies. Bastardo has Leap, etc. Makutu's Repellent just seems counter-intuitive to his actual kit in a sense. Yet I'd still like him to be a disruptor. Repellent just doesn't output enough value to be considered a significant disruption ability. Instead it acts against his basic attack string. I use a Mod which slows the enemies upon Repellent hitting which counteracts this slightly but still feels weird - I want them to stay beside me, not move them out of the way of my attacks!

    My idea to solve this is to replace his Repellent with his Katamori Super, minus the invulnerability. Now he has a real disruption abilitiy that can unsettle a team. It doesn't synergise with his basic attack string but it doesn't act against it either. In fact it can be something to chase down enemies that are low, something he lacked before, an improvement on mobility. The Katamori Super as it is is pretty underwhelming, especially as Mekko's Surge is very similar and she can use that a lot! Obviously a new Super would have to be created in place of Katamori, I'll leave that to more creative minds :))

    Another slight inconsistency is his Barge. It's actually one of my favourite abilities in the game because of its potential to take out multiple full health enemies with one perfectly timed Barge into an environmental hazard. However, it's one of the only abilities in the game that requires manual aim and it can feel a bit out of place...on the other hand it is certainly rewarding to pull off. So I don't really have a solid opinion either way.

    I would definitely recommend asking @NFz-TrAxOn as he loves Makutu more than my parents love me 🙂 He has also played more Makutu than anyone else as far as I'm aware so I'm sure he'll have some really interesting feedback.