Leveling up is way too grindy

  • I really appreciate the new skins but I was so disappointed when I realized how long it’s gona take me to get to level 30 on my favorite character.
    Im currently level 17 with Daemon, which took me many hours but I have played about 8 or so games and still halfway to level 18. Couple that with the fact that you have to speedily choose your character for a chance to play as them and this makes for a really long grind to get the new skins. I don’t have the time to play a ton of matches every day so it’s gona take me months to get that one level 30 skin just for one character. That is really unfair guys. I wouldn’t mind the level up grind if my favorite skin wasn’t locked away at 30.

  • I agree, after 45h of playing my highest character lvl is 14 with Maeve and Kulev... It would be cool to have some exp events or maybe double exp scrolls (it could be reward for daily quests btw).

  • @CAPO-9 I agree. I just only realized this, there is not enough endgame XP. It's gonna take me months too.