Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

  • I looked online and couldn’t find any forums dedicated to this game so I thought posting it here would be the best option because hellblade is made by ninja theory

    I have access to this game via xbox games pass and I started it many months ago. But I find it hard to play this game for more than a little at a time. And there was one point i got so annoyed that I stopped for several months without playing it at all

    I am determined to finish this game for some reason but I want to give feedback because I know there will be a sequel and I really hope it will be much better than the original

    There are several aspects that I like about hellblade. The atmosphere is very good, it’s quite different from most other games with it’s focus on mental illness so it’s unique and interesting. Also the graphics are excellent it is probably the best looking game i have on xbox one s.

    The combat is pretty solid, could definitely be better but still enjoyable enough. I would say for the sequel a lot more animations are needed. I was constantly seeing the same stuff and visually there is not enough variety. Also there needs to be a lot more depth, in terms of different moves and attacks.

    God of war and nioh would be great templates to look at in this area. There should be a skill tree that you can upgrade to learn new moves along the way. For example, hold X to do “this” hold Y to do “that”. Tap X while pushing left thumbstick to the left or right to do a spinning dodge attack. While in focus mode rapidly tap X to hit the guy 15 times and beat the crap out of him like in arkham city after stunning someone with batman’s cape. Tons of options for improvement here

    Another form of variety would be to let her use different types of weapons like spear axe etc.

    So anyways when I decided to play this game i wanted very much to like it and enjoy it because I am attracted to games that are unique. But overall i just can’t enjoy hellblade because no matter how hard i try i end up getting frustrated and annoyed. This game has the worst “puzzles” i have ever experienced in a video game. I don’t consider them puzzles but I don’t know what else to call them.

    1. It is incredibly boring to walk around aimlessly looking at random stuff until you find something that matches up with a symbol. I don’t consider this gameplay I consider it artificial time filler that gives zero sense of satisfaction or reward when you finally get it because all you did was find the correct spot to stand in and look at not exactly thrilling or fun

    2. Never in all my years of gaming have i had to rely on youtube walkthroughs so much just to get through a game. These symbols are in such random and weird places sometimes or you have to stand in a certain spot to line it up perfectly it’s just really really annoying and painful.

    I am no stranger to puzzle games in fact I love them. Portal, brothers a tale of two sons, limbo, the turing test, tomb raider. I have played all these and others because I love good puzzle games. And I have no problem looking up the solution to a real puzzle if I gave it an honest attempt and simply couldn’t figure it out but that doesn’t happen very often because I’m good at solving them.

    But in hellblade these are not puzzles and I have to look up what to do constantly, it literally takes no mental ability or thought, it’s just wandering around randomly and getting lucky to find the right spot. I don’t know if the developers even consider these puzzles and I don’t want to assume that they do.

    But whatever they are my point is, for the sequel please have real puzzles in the game. Actual puzzles that need to be solved and require some mental agility. It would make the game so much better.